Happy Friday. It’s looking beautiful but blustery outside today. Wrap up against the wind whipping off the Hudson when you head for the streets.

The Governor of New York is urging the 50,000 attendees of the Anime NYC show at the Javits Center from November 19-21 to get tested for COVID after a Minnesota resident who was at the event tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19. The man was vaccinated and had mild symptoms. Details here…

Crispin Mejia, the ex-chef and co-founder of Crispin’s at W52nd Street and 10th Avenue — which rebranded as Sesamo last month — is being sued by his former partners, who say that he ran the business into the ground. Details here…


What we’ve been reading

Citbikes — you either cannot find one, or cannot dock one. What’s your experience? (New York Times)

Broadway’s lights will dim next week for Stephen Sondheim. (Broadway News)

Top cops will step down at the end of the year before Eric Adams takes over as Mayor. (New York Post)

Alvin Ailey is back on the New York stage. (NY1)

Hell’s Kitchen-based food critic Ryan Sutton has found his favorite steak just across 8th Avenue. (Eater)

Freeze Frame

Thank you to all the readers who helped to identify the bird perched high on Silver Towers this week. Many (including Google Lens) thought it was a Peregrine Falcon — but we can confirm that it is an American Kestrel.

Olivia Henderson was one follower who contacted us: “It’s an American Kestrel. They are so intriguing and beautiful, but vicious. Smallest of the falcons, I believe. They perch on our terrace sometimes as well, to hunt sparrows. We’ve seen them eat one — it’s intense! Ah, nature!”

She continued: “They are stunning! This kestrel couple (see the video on my Tweet) landed on our terrace for the first time, that I saw at least, while I had COVID in February of this year. I was so feverish and sick I thought I was hallucinating seeing pigeons in some weird Technicolor dimension or something! They are incredible looking!”

Happy birthday to Leslie Riddle.