Good morning and happy Tuesday. We’re waking to a slushy mess from an overnight mix of snow and rain. It will get sunny this morning — but that will be accompanied by strong gusts of winds for the rest of the day. Layer up, wear waterproof boots… or stay in and snuggle up for a WFH day, if you can.

We’re getting all nostalgic in the newsletter today. As America honors the life and legacy of former US President Jimmy Carter, who recently entered hospice care at the age of 98 —  we recall the 39th president’s lesser-known Hell’s Kitchen connections through the eyes of someone who met him one summer in Midtown. Read more…

Jimmy Carter

“My Hell’s Kitchen” was the forerunner in W42ST Magazine to our “West Side Stories”. We’ve been checking back in the archive — and reposted our feature on George Hahn in September 2015. “I got sober, I started a business, I got my first dog, I started a blog, I’ve been broke, I’ve been flush… It’s been an adventure,” he said then… and he’s had many more adventures since. Read more…

George Hahn

What we’ve been reading

Getting the scoop on composting dog poop. (Gothamist)

Tragedy led one man to leave behind a glitzy career – now he’s a guard at the Met Museum, and he’s written a book explaining why. (The Guardian)

A New York City busking ballet sensation will emerge above ground to perform at Lincoln Center. (6sqft)

A Hudson Yards luxury apartment building claims to be the first to welcome hybrid workers. (Real Estate Weekly)

Girl Scout Troop 6000 is a first-of-its-kind program designed to serve families living in temporary housing in the NYC shelter system. Can you help them hit their cookie goal? (Guest of a Guest)

Freeze Frame

2 Bros Pizza 9th Avenue

The good thing about those corner puddles in New York is that they can make for attractive photos. John Ciolfi captured the corner of W40th and 9th Avenue at night with a reflection of 2 Bros Pizza.

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