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Happy Monday. We’ve got a windy day today with the chance of showers. Looking at the Hudson River this morning, it’s pretty choppy out there!

We took a look at what might happen in the city as Hurricane Ian makes its way north after severely battering Florida and the Southeast. Read more…

Thunderstorm New York Gary Hershorn


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Success Academy Charter Schools scholars build confidence and learn critical thinking. It’s not too late to apply…

As shelters across the city struggle to house new arrivals seeking asylum, the Adams administration is reported to be considering a deal with Norwegian Cruise Lines to convert ships into temporary migrant accommodation. Read more…

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What we’ve been reading

Proposed new law will let New Yorkers who submit evidence of a parking violation earn 25% of a $175 ticket. (Bloomberg)

Cases have lingered for as long as four years with the agency investigating landlords accused of illegally overcharging tenants. (New York Daily News)

Have you heard about how the “Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution” (SLEEP) Act is going? (Hell Gate)

The cost of dating in New York — putting a monetary value on caddish conduct. (New York Post)

David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center has been “reborn” after a $550 million renovation. (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Broken mirror selfie David Resto

Thanks to David Resto for this selfie on his Instagram account @legitimusmaximus. “If there’s a mirror on the curb I’m not gonna not take a self portrait in it…,” he said while reflecting on this Hell’s Kitchen discovery.

Happy birthday to Henry Ortega, David Palmieri, Joe Mondello and Will Hough.