Happy Humpday. The sun is shining this morning — but don’t let that confuse you, as at the moment it feels like 11 degrees with the wind chill! We are avid readers of the Currently weather forecast — this is what they are saying about the weekend…

Weekend Nor’easter Update: We’ve got a battle of the weather models ongoing. We have two main scenarios:
1. A glancing blow for the immediate NYC area with a couple of inches of snow and heavier amounts on eastern Long Island where wind, coastal flooding, and beach erosion could be a serious concern.
2. A knockout punch to our area with 1-2 feet of snow and possible blizzard conditions.
We have to be prepared for both now as model consensus is not expected for another day or two. We’ll be watching carefully.

While Governor Hochul and NY’s Supreme Court clash over mask mandates — the Maskalorian has taken to the streets of the city. May the mask be with you…

In the heart of gritty, 1970s Times Square, a sadistic serial killer terrorized the neighborhood — but why don’t more people know about the crime at The Travel Inn on W42nd Street? The newly released Netflix documentary Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer takes a deep dive into one of Midtown’s most prolific eras of violence, and the disturbing phenomenon surrounding the lack of public recognition of a man who managed to get away with brutally torturing and murdering dozens of women. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Heather Holland Wheaton for this picture. “It’s that time of year when all the festive lights are cut out of the trees in Manhattan and sent to the landfill because it’s too labor intensive to untangle them for next year,” she said on Instagram. Shocked that happens to so many of those wonderful holiday lights… There’s got to be a better way!