Good morning and happy Wednesday. We really enjoyed the history stroll along 9th Avenue yesterday in “What We’ve Been Reading”. However, the author did say: “Since some believe talking about the weather is the bastion of boring people, I’ll get on with the business at hand…” which made me a little insecure about my daily weather intro. So…

It’s too warm for snow – and Hell’s Kitchen has got the gigantic salt piles to prove it (700 million pounds of it citywide). As we approach a record lack of flakes, Sarah spoke to Climate Central’s meteorologist to understand why. Read more…

Salt storage sanitation W55th Street Hell's Kitchen


NYCHA topped the 2022 list as the overall worst NYC landlord with 673,990 open work orders at its buildings. Now its Minneapolis-based Chair — paid $258,000 — is leaving to be replaced by a volunteer. Read more…

Gregory Russ, the new Chair of the New York City Housing Authority, tours NYCHA's Betances Houses in the Bronx the on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

What we’ve been reading

Liam Quigley spent $1,244.22 on 464 slices of New York pizza — what did he learn? (Slate)

Strollers are starting to be welcomed onto NYC buses. (Gothamist)

The history of the Met Museum’s weekly blooms. (Ephemeral New York)

Vision Zero traffic stats for 2022 are in — and they are not good. (Streetsblog)

Paper maps are regaining popularity — can you cope without your phone? (WSJ)

Freeze Frame

Hudson Yards Fifth Wall Dr Seuss

Fifth Wall venture capital decided to set the hive mind of Artificial Intelligence onto re-imagining Hudson Yards. They picked five different styles — from Dr Seuss to JRR Tolkien — and let AI do its work. What’s your favorite? Read more…

Happy birthday to Brianne Demmler.