Good morning and happy Tuesday. We’re going to have a wonderful week of dry weather — but let’s talk about last night! Did you see those clouds? Don’t worry, our friend Gary Hershorn was out to capture this amazing image (you can read more about Gary in this profile in Petapixel).

Gary Hershorn Clouds VIA 57 West

When Tom Mayo-Smith left his Hell’s Kitchen apartment for a long Labor Day weekend, he had no idea that he would return to a nightmare. Someone had broken into his apartment, trashed the space and left disturbing notes and symbols on walls and belongings, leaving many of his valuables but taking sentimental items. Read more…

Tom Mayo-Smith Silver Towers

New Yorkers have a reputation for tolerating small and unusual apartments in the name of love for our fair city, but one Hell’s Kitchen resident’s home may take the cake. Step inside Alaina Randazzo’s $650 a month, 80-square-foot studio (and meet her pup, Pimento, too). Read more…

Alaina Randazzo and Pimento micro apartment

Every day this week, we are announcing the shortlists for the W42ST Best of Awards 2022 in the runup to Friday’s presentations. The voting was amazingly tight. In one of the categories, there was just one vote between the winner and runner-up.

We had over 60 nominations in the Newcomer category. The shortlist is AMT Theater, Cafe 424, Jaz Indian Cuisine, Lum Lum Thai, Muddy Paws Rescue and The Rose Room. All will receive awards on Friday — and one will be the winner!

W42ST Best of Awards Shortlist Newcomer

In the Pet Care section of the awards, we had 25 nominations. The shortlist is Bond Vet, Clinton Veterinary Center, Coco & Toto, Heart of Chelsea, Pure Paws and Tilly’s Walks.

W42ST Best of Awards Shortlist Pet Care

Finally for today — the award for best Venue. This drew in over 60 nominations. The shortlist voted for by our readers is 54 Below, AMT Theater, Birdland, Chain Theatre, Laurie Beechman Theatre and The Rose Room.

W42ST Best of Awards Shortlist Venue

What we’ve been reading

In the heart of midtown Manhattan lies a multibillion-dollar problem for owners of older buildings, the city and thousands of workers. (Bloomberg)

Lawmakers fight to end tattoo discrimination in New York workplaces. (New York Daily News)

Through Sunday night, 1,246 people have been shot across New York City this year. (Gothamist)

Design is underway for the $7bn renovation of Penn Station — the current plans do not include any added train capacity. (New York Yimby)

Is New Amsterdam going to become as bike friendly as Amsterdam? (Streetsblog)

Freeze Frame

Met Opening Times Square

Do you fancy a night at the opera for free? The Met Opera will be showing the opening night performance of Medea on the screens of Times Square this evening. Pre-show begins at 5:30pm. and the opera begins at 6pm. Attendance is free, and no tickets are required. There will be 2,000 seats available on a first-come, first-served basis at Duffy Square (between 46th and 47th Streets), with additional standing room available. Enjoy…

Happy birthday to Inez Brandon and Elizabeth Pfeffer.