Happy Sunday! Well done if you joined the lines to vote early yesterday. Thanks for sending in pictures.

Last week, I met up with Charles ‘Chuck’ Gomez at Holy Cross Church to take his photo for our story today. Chuck has “had a remarkable journey”. He’s the son of Cuban immigrants “who worshiped the American Dream”. As a journalist, he covered civil wars and “had a grenade tossed my way in Nicaragua.” He met world leaders (and dictators) in his travels as an Emmy Award-winning reporter including Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Baby Doc Duvalier, and Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. Chuck survived AIDS, lived through a massive heart attack, and quadruple bypass heart surgery. His book “Cuban Son Rising” has just won Best Autobiography in the International Latino Book Awards. We asked Chuck about his West Side Story.

Off-Broadway always drives creativity and innovation. Hell’s Kitchen’s Tom and Michael D’Angora found an opportunity to take NEWSical the Musical back on stage in Lincoln, Nebraska as the first professional New York City show to return to a major stage. The “touchless experience” in a 2,500 seat venue (at 20% capacity) was filmed and is being streamed on Monday to benefit The Actors Fund and the Lied Center (where it was performed). Tickets are here…


What we’ve been reading…

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