Good morning and happy Thursday. Another day to savor the sunshine and bright blue skies over New York! Tomorrow afternoon from around 4pm we can expect strong winds and potentially flash floods as the tail end of Hurricane Nicole passes by.

Two New York sommeliers with lifelong ties to Hell’s Kitchen are bringing a new kind of family-owned wine store and meeting spot to the area, as inclusively-designed Beaupierre Wine & Spirits opens today on 10th Avenue. Read more…

Beaupierre Wine and Spirits Hell's Kitchen

The stars, the planets — or in this case, the moon — aligned this week, as two strangers connected over a serendipitous photo opportunity. In a twist of fate, tourist Liza-Jane Sowden spotted herself silhouetted in photographer Gary Hershorn’s shot of the moon rising behind the Edge at Hudson Yards. Read more…

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Freeze Frame

Lisa Kazmer Hell's Kitchen sneakers wire bird

One of the top tips for walking around any city is “look up”. Lisa Kazmer did just that and snapped this picture which she entitled “NYC giving NYC 🍎”. It made us google “Sneakers Wire New York”… there are many theories!

Happy birthday to Fergus Keenan.