Good morning and happy Friday. We’re continuing with the sweltering heat today and nighttime conditions in the City are expected to be unusually warm. Some evening thunderstorms might give us a little respite…

The Port Authority — once dubbed “the single worst place on Planet Earth” — has gathered a world-class design team to create a new bus terminal by 2031. Read more…

New Port Authority Bus Terminal Plan

Tasked with playing  “New York City Ambassador” for friends and family? Need to duck inside during one of New York’s sweeping summer rainstorms? Embarrassed to admit that you live here and know very little about the Big Apple? Head to RISENY, Midtown’s newest multimedia, interactive museum, featuring a curated tour through the city’s history — and a fully-functioning theme park ride that will impress any out-of-town guest. Read more…

Rise NY

What we’ve been reading

Street vendors are getting more tickets from the city this year. (City Limits)

Ensemble Studio Theatre is back with a diverse lineup. (Broadway World)

New York doesn’t deserve those hard-working oysters. (Untapped New York)

A report links wine bottles and climate change… (New York Times)

Don’t Dump on New York… when Yul Brynner led the 1978 litter legion. (morrisonAV)

Freeze Frame

Spotted Lanternflies

Have you been struggling with unwanted dinner guests? We spent last night swatting away Spotted Lanternflies at a local eatery. What’s been your experience? Our first report on these pests was on August 17 last year — it’s concerning there are so many so early!

Happy birthday to Matt Fox.