Happy Friday. The morning starts grey, muggy and mild — but by midday we will be seeing rain and some strong winds that will persist overnight. If you live near any of those corner storm drains, pop out to make sure they are clear of debris and leaves. Keep dry…

New York State’s Office of Cannabis Management has released new guidance on how recreational marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to operate, as the city counts down to the expected first openings. Although the guidelines have yet to be finalized, they offer an insight into what to expect from the shops that obtain one of the 22 available Manhattan operating licenses. Read more…

9th Avenue Smoke Shops

The unsung heroes who care for our city’s parks are getting their due acclaim in a new art installation at Bella Abzug Park that turns them into story-telling shadow sculptures. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

An 82-foot tree has been cut down and is on its way to Rockefeller Plaza. (CBS)

Luxury rental prices in New York continue to spike. (Brick Underground)

Mobile wagering on sporting events in New York has become a big business — with $542 million tax revenue so far this year. (NY1)

Great to see Little Pie Company get a mention in this David Burtka list! (TimeOut)

When they planned to build a bridge from W57th Street to New Jersey… (A New Yorker State of Mind)

Freeze Frame

Carlos Del Toro Navy USS Arlington Hell's Kitchen
Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro was on board USS Arlington yesterday. Photo montage: Wesley Richardson & John Bellino/US Navy

USS Arlington docked on the south side of Pier 88 next to Intrepid yesterday preparing for Veterans Day. For the Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro who came on board for the celebrations, it was a return home. His parents emigrated from Cuba to Hell’s Kitchen as refugees in 1962 when Del Toro was just a year old, with his father working a variety of jobs including janitor, taxi driver, and dry cleaning business owner. His mother worked as a purse factory employee and maid to help make ends meet. As our neighborhood continues to welcome migrants, this is a vision for what each of those children arriving might become.

Happy birthday to Rachel Berger-Rosas, Amy d’Oliveira and Amy Noelle.