I headed to The Shops at Columbus Circle yesterday afternoon. Yes, the folks there are a W42ST partner — but I genuinely love taking a picture each holiday of those stars hanging from the ceiling with Central Park in the background. I did my picture, but also a short video of the sound and light show. It’s a recommended trip.

As I left the shops, I found Sal Salomon singing on the street. I’d interviewed him over the phone back in August, but we’d not met in real life (and I’d not heard him sing). We chatted and as I left he started singing “New York, New York.” It was great to hear him peform!


At the weekend, amid all the celebrations in Times Square, I spotted Lynnette Blanche “go live” on Instagram about 10 feet away from me. We’d met years ago, but during the pandemic I feel like we’ve been in contact every day through social media. She’s often been W42ST’s eyes on the street in Hell’s Kitchen. Stories like our profile of Jeenah Moon have originated from her journalistic and photography-loving Instagram account. We didn’t get to actually meet again in Times Square on Saturday — but you can meet her via her West Side Story today.


An unforgettable holiday tradition is back! Shop and dine under the stars this season at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Watch the stars light up to the beat of holiday music, daily starting at 4PM.

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