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Good morning and Happy New Year! Intermittent showers and warm weather are our introductions to 2023. We’ll be in the mid-50s today and slide above 60 degrees tomorrow. Leave the scarf behind, but take an umbrella…

Christmas is over and Mulchfest is here — New York City’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and Parks Department are offering a fuss-free, sustainable way to recycle your festive fir and help foster the growth of new New York trees. Read more…

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Vivvi provides exceptional early education for children ages 0-5, with unrivaled flexibility and leading health and safety for today’s families. Our inquiry-based curriculum is facilitated by warm, experienced teachers who foster the joy of learning. Sign up for Open House…

What has Mayor Eric Adams achieved with his business-friendly plans during his first year? Read more…

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What we’ve been reading

It’s not as easy as planned for those with criminal records to sell weed in NYC. (THE CITY)

New York snake complaints are up 69%. (New York Post)

The Spiral is almost ready to get planted with trees. (New York Yimby)

One hundred outdoor dining sheds were removed from New York streets at end of year. (CBS)

The “banished” words for 2023 have been revealed… (Sky News)

Freeze Frame

Brian Keyser Phil O'Brien

It was nice to reconnect with Casellula founder Brian Keyser as he passed through London yesterday. I’m missing Hell’s Kitchen, and it was lovely to see a familiar face and have dinner with Brian at one of Chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s restaurants. If you’ve headed to the UK, let’s get together as I will likely be here for another 2 months as I reapply for my visa.

Happy belated birthdays to Laura Hickman, Alan Rice, Joe Rudy, Elaine Pritchard, Anna Orchard, Diana Kusko and John Bolton.