Happy Tuesday. We’re starting with some clouds today, but don’t worry it will peak at above 80 degrees this afternoon and it’s not too humid. Enjoy the day…

This morning in a City Council hearing, the future of the MTA parking lot on the corner of 9th Avenue and W54th Street could be decided. Yesterday, we published an Op-Ed from two local activists about the history of the project, now called The Lirio.

“Residents of Hell’s Kitchen have been fed a bunch of fake news lately about the long-term struggle for affordable housing in our area. A handful of mudslingers are tossing around a few big lies in an outrageous, behind-the-scenes attempt to give a politically connected non-profit organization a free building and a yearly million-dollar city contract under the otherwise laudable guise of developing more low-income housing,” Christine Gorman and Aleta LaFargue said. Read more…

If you want to read some other versions here are Patch’s and Streetsblog’s takes on the issue. If you want to speak at the hearing today, you can still register here — or watch here.

The Lirio MTA Site on 9th Avenue and W54th Street Hell's Kitchen

Want to find sunny days and chase the clouds away? Look no further than W42nd Street, where a brand-new Sesame Street musical will open Off-Broadway this fall. Read more…

Sesame Street Theater Row W42nd Street

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Freeze Frame

Dino 10th Avenue Brent McBeth

Thanks to Brent McBeth for this picture of “Dino keeping watch over 10th Avenue”. The neighborhood feels safer with Brent’s pooch on patrol.

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