Happy Summer Friday. It’s a super bright day with a UV Index of 9 out of 10 — so slap on that sunscreen as you head out of the door.

When Landmark Theatres at VIA 57 West closed in August last year, property developer Douglas Durst wanted to find a new tenant to take on the movie complex. He even posted on the West Side Rag, saying: “I am glad everyone enjoyed the theater. While I cannot promise the knishes will be back, I can promise that the theater will return.”

However, those plans were scuppered when “under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night, the tenant stole valuable property — including hundreds of large leather reclining movie seats which were bolted to the ground.” Read about the $48m lawsuit that followed…

Landmark Theatres

We’re off to a cemetery this evening. It will be the first time we’ve seen a performance of Caroline Shaw’s music — although this Pulitzer and Grammy-winning artist has featured in W42ST.

There are shows tonight and tomorrow for Death of Classical‘s featuring PUBLIQuartet as a part of The Angel’s Share concert series taking place in the Catacombs of the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.


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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Olivia for this lovely picture of the “colorful vibes of the outdoor dining setup” at Norma on 9th Avenue and W53rd Street.

Happy birthday to Harry Heissmann!