Good morning. Our new favorite weather forecasting service is New York Metro Weather on Twitter. However, their 1/10 rating for this Monday is a little depressing: “We start the day with a light wintry mix and freezing rain, transitioning to a cold drizzle. Temperatures topping out in the upper 30s later. Struggling to find many redeeming qualities here.” It gets better during the week!

If you’re mourning the demise of Hudson Yards’ short-lived palatial Neiman Marcus NYC flagship, don’t despair — you can still visit, but you’ll need to bring your work laptop. Read more…

Joley Aristhee fell to his death from the roof of a Hell’s Kitchen building on Sunday morning after a police traffic stop. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

Cops from DC launch an ad campaign to recruit members of NYPD. (New York Post)

Outdoor dining bill heads to New York City Council this week. (Audacy)

When your Amazon delivery person turns into a Good Samaritan. (West Side Rag)

A multi-billion dollar casino in Times Square? What will happen when the moratorium ends? (Politico)

The $125 menu at Mari on 9th Avenue gets reviewed — “a lot compared to most places I eat and also a bargain compared to some of its tasting menu or omakase peers around town.” (Gothamist)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Paul Thompson (aka @plantmepaul on Instagram) for brightening our morning with this picture and message…

Shine ✨ bright ✨like a diamond…even on those gloomy mornings.
And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. Why? Because waking up to this view with my happy monsteras, succulents, etc. is all the Monday motivation I need.
I always find it’s good on days like today (cold, gloomy, start of week) to remind yourself of the following:
You matter.
You are important.
You are beautiful.
You are unique.
And like our plants, you are resilient!
Let’s do this! Happy Monday! 🤗🌱

Happy belated weekend birthdays to Jim Caruso and Sarah Mills.