Good morning and happy Monday. We have on/off drizzle for much of the daylight hours today. Temperatures will creep up a bit as the week progresses, but plan for daytime temperatures in the low to mid-40s.

The scene is unsettlingly familiar: the Hell’s Kitchen community, faced with another missing person case, plans to gather outside The Q nightclub as yet another young man, this time, law student Jordan Taylor, remains missing after being spotted in Midtown, his phone found near the LGBTQ+ nightclub. Read more…

Jordan Taylor missing

Craving a staycation? Step out of the winter thunderstorms and into a stylish, resort-like atmosphere for some finely-tuned southern Thai cuisine as Chalong NYC opens on 9th Avenue. Read more…

Chalong NYC team

What we’ve been reading

Frank Trolly is still driving his cab in NYC at 89 years of age. (New York Post)

New York is upgrading to a 911 system that accepts texts and videos. (CBS)

How much do New Yorkers earn? (New York Times)

What gadgets and gear do you miss? Blackberry? AOL Running Man? (WSJ)

How New York operated on horse-drawn sleds in the 1860s. (Ephemeral New York)

Freeze Frame

Living Lantern Garment District Frederic Lere

Thanks again to Frédéric Lère for this wonderful watercolor of the Living Lantern art installation in the Garment District that we reported on last week. “It is alive! A fantastic UFO has landed in the Garment District. Glad I was able to sketch it before it flies away. Its vibrating sensors absorb Broadway energy,” he said on Instagram.

Happy birthday to Adrian Rosas.