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Following on from our story last week about the Martin Luther King Jr Labor Center and the wonderful mural that’s been replicated piece-by-piece — just a block away, there is controversy about the proposed demolition of the lobby at the McGraw-Hill Art Deco Tower at 330 W42nd Street.

The building is landmarked, but the lobby is not. It holds a special place for me, as W42ST magazine had its first office there on the 17th Floor. It was also where Marvel Comics started (hence the Hell’s Kitchen connection with all those superheroes). Our neighbor on the 17th floor was a guy called Fred Papert, famed for helping to save Grand Central Terminal with the help of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Fred was also president of the Municipal Art Society when he told New York Magazine in 1978, ”Have you seen that lobby? … If Fred Astaire worked in an office building, this would have been the one.” Read about why it’s worth saving, and find the link to the petition…

The only picture that I could find that I’d taken of the lobby was at Christmas 2015.


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