Good morning and happy Thursday. After an early morning outdoor exercise class, we can report that it’s already humid out there! It will feel like the 90s today, even though the temperature says 80s — and anything could happen after 5pm with showers and summer storms. Keep dry if you can…

Imitation is not the greatest form of flattery for La Vela Dining & Bar owner Antonio Mauro, as the veteran Italian restauranteur battles customer confusion and encroachment from a competitor two blocks away with a near-identical name. Read more…

Antonio Mauro La Vela

Summer Streets return to New York this August — a chance to step out and enjoy over 8 miles of pedestrian-friendly city blocks, pedal away on select free Citi Bikes and sample plentiful public events. Read more…

Summer Streets Car Free New York

What we’ve been reading

Over two thousand speed cameras will be operating 24/7 in New York from Monday. (Eyewitness News)

Here’s another story about the depressing situation at the MTA. (Hell Gate)

Inflation and the price of a bacon, egg and cheese in NYC. (CBS)

Check out where New York’s homeless shelters are distributed — the interactive map shows some NIMBY trends. (THE CITY)

Do the financial problems of New York’s ice cream vendors melt your heart? (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Ryan Devlin for this update on sidewalk furniture in Times Square. “You loved these sidewalk barriers when they were eyesores, disrupted pedestrian flow, and blocked space from street vendors, but now, just when you thought they couldn’t get better — no sitting!” Ryan said on Instagram.

Happy birthday to Arianna Sinclair and Tom Fervoy.