Good morning and happy Tuesday. It’s already sticky and humid as we face another day of temperatures in the mid-80s with the chance of a little rain later. No reason not to get out and VOTE though!

As the fight to keep Hell’s Kitchen whole rages on, dozens of legislators and local advocates testified online and at the Schomburg Center in Harlem yesterday against splitting the neighborhood into three separate City Council Districts under the current redistricting proposal. Read more…

The "Keep Hell's Kitchen Whole" campaign took a school bus up to Harlem for the hearing. Photo: Phil O'Brien

After a chaotic redistricting process that created a second New York primary in late August, the final day of voting begins following anemic early turnout figures. As of Monday, 3.3% of voters with a race in their district had cast ballots in the five boroughs during the nine days of early voting for Primary Day, part two. Read more…

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What we’ve been reading

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Big delivery company trucks clog New York streets — and they get millions in discounts on parking tickets while doing so. (New York Daily News)

Lower back pain is on the increase — could it be a symptom of WFH? (Newsweek)

Freeze Frame

Forty-Sixth Street Theatre (now Richard Rodgers Theatre)

Heads up, history buffs! It’s time to tap into a treasure trove of glimpses of New York’s past — and unsurprisingly, Broadway takes a starring role. Read more and view our fascinating photo gallery…

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