Wasn’t that just a perfect day? Mine started, like the rest of the city just before 11:30am. My GF phoned with the news in an outpouring of relief mixed with joy, tears, and expletives. The election had been called.

Then the neighborhood around me started shouting and horns honked.

Ryan Devlin posted a video on Instagram of Manhattan Plaza residents making a cacophony of sound even louder and longer than the early days of the pandemic, when pots and pans were clanked for essential workers.

As always, Times Square was a draw for many in the city. I saw this screengrab of Aleta LaFargue and her son in my social media feed. Pure joy!

Soon enough, I headed to the crossroads of the world to take a look. My pal, Max, out in Texas, texted with an image of me in the center of his TV screen.

I heard the crowd sing “Empire State of Mind”. Tears flowed as New York sang along with Alicia Keys.

Out on 9th Avenue, a Joe Biden cardboard cut-out drew crowds and applause.

The evening was a blur of the most gorgeous sunset, drinks with friends, and dancing on a balmy November night.

Instagram came alive with the latest subway sign takeover.

And as I checked my phone before going to sleep, my friend Gary Hershorn had been out to take just one last picture. What an amazing day in American history.

France gifted the Statue of Liberty to America. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said it all yesterday in just three words. She tweeted: “Welcome back America!”

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