Good morning and happy Thursday. It looks like we will be getting our first big snow of the season. It should start around 11pm tonight and we will see snow through the night. Current projections are 2-3 inches. Send pictures!

There was much sadness in April 2016 when Signature Theatre’s founder — and long-time Hell’s Kitchen resident — Jim Houghton died. Now, the theater and his family are campaigning to honor him by renaming the block of W42nd Street between Dyer and 10th Avenue “Jim Houghton Way”. Details here of how to add your signature…

Hell’s Kitchen puppet wrangler Stacey Weingarten reveals who was her favorite Sesame Street co-worker and how the pandemic has seen her spread her wings by writing, producing and directing a new family musical about her rescue pup, Rue. Read her West Side Story…


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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Thomas Piercy. He was up at dawn in his Hell’s Kitchen apartment for some clarinet practice. “It’s (not too) early. Let’s do it,” he said.