Good morning and welcome to February. Farewell Dry January and hello to melting snow and corner slush puddles. Wear boots and tread safely.

Politics is not in great shape around the world — and there is no stranger shape than that of voter maps being “tweaked”. We checked on the origins of Gerrymandering yesterday after hearing that 25 blocks of Hell’s Kitchen were potentially being moved from one congressional district to another.

Gerrymandering is named after US VP Elbridge Gerry, who created a partisan district that was compared to the shape of a salamander. Below is the probable shape of Jerry Nadler’s new 10th District. What animal does it remind you of? Read more…

Dozens of desperate New Yorkers every year don gloves, boots and protective suits to dive through mountains of trash for prized possessions. Sometimes they even find them. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

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Anti-viral pills for COVID-infected New Yorkers are heading to your home. (NBC)

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Solutions for subway crime, death and homelessness discussed. (Streetsblog)

Spare a thought for the poor, forgotten payphone… (The New Yorker)

Freeze Frame

Congratulations to Hudson River Park Trust — runner up in the W42ST Best of Awards 2021. So many readers love HRPK to work out! Council member Erik Bottcher presented the award to Tina Walsh and Keven Quinn out on Pier 97 yesterday.