Good morning and happy Tuesday. The day’s starting cloudy and muggy, but will clear later to give some sunshine. It’s going to feel hot all day and as the sun goes down we can expect some thundershowers.

Grab yourself a coffee, put on some music (this story includes a playlist) and take yourself back to the age of jazz on W52nd Street with TJ English. His new book (remember his HK history, The Westies?) weaves musicians and mobsters together. Read more…

52nd Street in July 1948

While checking out the US Open in person is a worthwhile (but expensive) adventure, if you can’t make it out to Flushing to catch Serena Williams playing Estonian second seed Anett Kontaveit in the second round tomorrow evening, you can take the 7 train (or walk!) to Hudson Yards, where they’re hosting a free outdoor tournament watch party for the next two weeks! Read more…

Serena Williams US Open Hudson Yards Backyard

What we’ve been reading

Amazon agrees not to sell license plate camera blockers to New Yorkers. (Brooklyn Eagle)

City Hall confirms that 600 migrant families won’t be housed at the Row NYC hotel on 8th Avenue. (New York Post)

Food critic Ryan Sutton strolls over to Dave’s Hot Chicken to take a taste. (Eater)

Did those big NYPD spotlights reduce crime? (News Nation)

MCC Theater pays tribute to Bob LuPone, who has died of cancer. (Deadline)

Freeze Frame

DeWitt Clinton PArk

We might not have many parks in Hell’s Kitchen, but with the sun setting on the West Side they can sure be some pretty places to hangout. This was during watering time at DeWitt Clinton Park yesterday evening.

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