Happy Friday. The weather today is going to be nothing less than glorious. Perfect weather to get us going for the Labor Day weekend. Just head out there and enjoy…

Hospitality veteran Nicola Campbell is feeling right at home in Hell’s Kitchen as she opens a brand-new Jamaican eatery Cafe 424 on W54th Street. Read more…

Cafe 424


The sights and sounds of Hell’s Kitchen provide a real-life backdrop for an innovative immersive theater experience, The Detour Series, playing out now on the streets of the neighborhood. Grab your phone and headphones and wander to Playwrights Horizons. Read more…

The Detour Series

What we’ve been reading

Is it time for New York’s roadside trash to find a home — in a container? (Curbed)

The century-old practice of subway surfing is resurging — with dangerous consequences. (The Guardian)

A New York welcome center for migrants has been set up at the Red Cross HQ in Hell’s Kitchen. (New York Post)

New York’s housing crisis could be eased if landlords stopped warehousing apartments. (City Limits)

If you’ve ever wondered what a NYC influencer does, this listicle may enlighten you… (The Cut)

Freeze Frame

Penn Station coffins protest David Warren

Thanks to David Warren for sending pictures of the protest this week against the Penn Station plan. As part of the demonstration, 55 coffins were laid in front of the Farley Post Office’s monumental steps — one for each building slated for demolition. 

Happy birthday to Charles “Chuck” Gomez, Heather Carlucci and Jonathan Schnapp.