Good morning and welcome to March 2021. This is going to be a real flashback month, with so many landmarks in our journey since last year.

Swing 46 is the latest entertainment space to launch a GoFundMe campaign for survival. Hopefully, they will enjoy as much success as The West Bank Cafe/Laurie Beechman Theater and Birdland.

“Swing 46 is facing extreme hardships to function. The challenges and circumstances of the global pandemic threaten the viability of the club and keeping its staff employed,” said proprietor John Akhtar.”The rent and other bills need to be paid immediately and our hopes of keeping the venue open are dwindling.” More details here…

Women’s History Month starts today. Our neighbors at Hearst Magazines on 8th Avenue have produced a wonderful video from their staff members, and tell the story of how Women’s History Month evolved. More here…

The past year has made everyone take a look at where they live and what they value. This list just in from Streeteasy shows how priorities have shifted in the pandemic. As expected, folks don’t want to spend time in the laundromat if they can help it…

What we’ve been reading

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Facebook is building out more office space on the west side. (WSJ)

If you might be evicted, you need to fill out this hardship form for protection. (Eviction Free NY)

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Why you should be taking more naps. (The Conversation)

Freeze Frame

The sunshine after the rain on Saturday was glorious. Thanks to Tony Morrison for this picture. He said: “It’s always darkest before the dawn ☀️ We’re almost there friends ❤️🙏🏽”