Good morning and welcome to New York’s “It’s a Year Since Day”. How many times have we said or thought that so far this week? Today’s the big one though. It’s when Broadway closed down and we knew it was time to take this COVID thing seriously.

So many losses and so much learned. We will all remember this last 12 months and it will shape the rest of our lives. Now is the time for the comeback and the “miracle of science” of the vaccine (as the President called it last night) will bring New York — and Broadway — back.

Bailey Sperling and Chana Widawski met in the Buy Nothing Midtown West Facebook group and this week started the Hell’s Kitchen Free Store as a way to extend the giving and waste diversion spirit. Check it out…

The destruction of the historic Art Deco lobby at the McGraw-Hill building drew the widespread condemnation of the owner and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. “Good god. The fabulous Art Deco lobby of the McGraw-Hill building has been demolished. There are few things worse than tacky, tasteless, soulless individuals or groups with money. They’re a dime a dozen. Gross. Just gross,” said George Hahn.

What we’ve been reading

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Some NYC landlords are happy to run on empty while waiting for higher rents. (Business Insider)

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Nell Snaidas for tagging us in this picture. She said: “The streets of #hellskitchennyc have a message for us all. Sending ❤️ and hope to all of you. Hang in there!” Thanks also to Karin Schall for adding her chalk messages to our streets over the past 12 months. Even on those days when we are looking down, you have helped us have hope.