Good morning and happy Thursday. Well, the forecast said no rain — but it was definitely raining outside my window this morning. Plus, NYC Parks have just emailed me to say my afternoon tennis reservation is “rained out”. One thing is for sure — it’s going to be humid today!

“It isn’t a piece of steel — it’s a piece of history,” said Ed Coyne, as almost 200 former crew members gathered on the USS Intrepid yesterday to celebrate its 80th anniversary, it was a time for celebration and reflection. Read more…

Ed Coyne Intrepid veteran

A memo from Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey urges safety first. It comes after a string of crash injuries and a CITY expose of a surge in vehicle pursuits. Read more…


What we’ve been reading

This NY hospital has had success with a pig kidney transplant to a human. (The Guardian)

PornHub is suing a NYC kebab shop over trademark infringement. (Chelsea News)

Two landlord lobbying groups are petitioning the Supreme Court to overturn NYC’s rent stabilization law. (Jacobin)

TikTok is not welcome on New York City-owned devices. (The Verge)

Here’s what it looked like when the lights went out on New York City 20 years ago. (BuzzFeed)

Freeze Frame

Mee Noodle

We panicked a little yesterday afternoon when we saw boards going up around Mee Noodle Shop at the corner of 9th Avenue and W53rd Street. Amazingly, the popular eatery is still open for business as “vault work” gets underway on the building. Please support the folks at Mee through what’s going to be a tough time.

Mee Noodle open

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