Happy Tuesday and welcome to the Ides of March! Our research tells us that Shakespeare gave this day a bad rap by adding “beware” to it in Julius Caesar. It was actually the start of the new year for many, filled with celebrations and rejoicing. No need to beware this year, for the next two days it’s going to be lovely springlike weather and temperatures hitting the early 60s!

It was a real joy to meet Omar Joenoes and his business partner Tegus Chandra at Indonesian “coffee shop” Warkop yesterday. W42ST reader Jasmine Chong helped us to make the discovery of this charming new eatery down the steps in between the original Totto Ramen and Lucky’s Burger on W52nd Street. Read more…

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah is preparing to bring back live studio audiences. They’ll return to a very familiar space — their longtime studio home on 11th Avenue and W52nd Street. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

At least 25 Irish bars have closed during the pandemic. (New York Post)

A guide to “New York Newbie” spotting… (TimeOut)

When you combine Mariah Carey, St Patrick’s Day and Hell’s Kitchen, the result is an entertaining tale for a podcast! (Vine Pair)

Why so much New York slang can be traced back to the Irish. (Irish Central)

Supporters of New York’s climate law are questioning One Bryant Park’s green credentials. (Bloomberg)

Freeze Frame

Congratulations to Charles “Chuck” Gomez for winning the 2022 Independent Press Award for his autobiography, Cuban Son Rising. Chuck featured as one of our West Side Stories during the pandemic and is currently at his Manhattan Plaza home awaiting heart transplant surgery. Congratulations and good luck, Chuck!

Happy BIG-FOUR-O birthday to Justin McWilliams!