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Having made it more than halfway through 2023, I’ve found myself in a bit of a holding pattern. It’s still blisteringly hot. I’m between podcasts/shows/books. I didn’t get it together to plan an epic European vacation so that I too would be posting on Instagram from Capri right now. It would be easiest to stay on my couch all day. But last week while I was out and about running some errands, I casually saw Tony Danza dining at a sidewalk cafe on the Upper West Side. I then met an old friend and her family for jazz in Times Square, followed by catching one of the final performances of New York, New York with another one of my favorite people. And yes, clichés come from somewhere — but as the brass band was hydraulically lifted from the pit to play (what else?) New York, New York, I remembered that even a “typical” day here is anything but. 

It’s up to you, New York, New York (sorry, I had to!) — have a great weekend!!!

…when you can only think as far ahead as Monday!

🎤 jokes with nothing to hide
Performing standup naked is no longer confined to your nightmares!!!! Head on over to the The Naked Comedy Show (venue TBA for ticket holders) July 28 where you can literally watch people perform their, er, tight five naked and even attend as a naked audience member. You know that my uptight WASP-y ass won’t be there but I know that some of you are way cooler than me!!!!!!

🎞️ land of the rising film
Screening everything from anime, documentary and narrative shorts to full-length features, the Japan Cuts Film Festival showing now through August 6 at the Japan Society celebrates the nation’s vibrant film industry and creators in a series of exclusive premieres and talkbacks. 

🎶 east of harlem
Make sure to check twice before attending the Harlem Festival of Culture July 28-30 — it’s on Randall’s Island! The festival right next to and celebrating Harlem features performances from Wyclef Jean, Ferg, Teyana Taylor and many more musicians as well as panel discussions, film screenings and retail booths from local vendors. 

🏖️ staycation all i ever wanted 
Want to put your toes in the sand without spending nearly a full day in traffic on the LIE? There are literal sandboxes and beach chairs, live performances, food trucks, drinks and DJs at the Seaport Beach Fest July 28-30 at 89 South Street. Bring your own sunscreen!

🎭 just a little touch of star quality
Y’all. Titus Burgess and Jane Krakowski?! Together again?! Trying to, as the logline puts it, upstage each other in a “show the world didn’t know it needed until reading this blurb”?! As an official representative from The Unofficial Union of Comedic Character Actors, I declare the Center of the YOUniverse July 27-29 at the Minetta Lane Theatre mandatory viewing. Here’s hoping they reprise some of their top-notch Schmigadoon songs!!!!

📜 look on their works ye mighty
Thanks to decades of staid English class lectures on musty dead dudes, I think poetry gets a bad rap. I personally know some very cool poets who could out-party TS Eliot any day. Go see a wide variety of poets share their work, jump into an open mic, eat and drink treats from local vendors and enjoy “a whole lot of lying around in the grass lis­ten­ing to poetry” at the  The New York City Poetry Festival July 29-30 at Governors Island. 

🎞️ watched for the very first time 
Ok I find it rather criminal that a film festival celebrating Madonna called Madonna: A League of Her Own  (July 27 through August at the Roxy Cinema) isn’t actually showing A League of Their Own!!!!!! Once again, as the official representative from The Unofficial Union of Comedic Character Actors, I have to say that she NAILED that role!! Anyway they are showing Desperately Seeking Susan et al!!! 

🎤 pod save this show
Join Crooked Media founder and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett for a live recording of his podcast, Lovett or Leave It: The Errors Tour at the Town Hall July 27. Maybe they’ll get into city politics lolololololllllll there’s not enough time!!! 

🎭 what a flex
Chronicling five members of the 1998 Lady Train high school basketball team, FLEX at Lincoln Center now through August 20 explores the aspiring pro-athletes as they navigate “the pressures of being young, Black, and female in rural Arkansas. Will their fouls off the court tear their team apart? Or can they keep their pact to stick together through hell or high water?” 

📚 filed under h to the izzo 
You probably saw that Jay Z and Beyoncé were at the Brooklyn Public Library the other day. Though I have every confidence that B would look that glamorous on a regular old trip to the stacks, the dynamic duo were actually there to promote a new exhibit on Jay’s life and career, The Book of HOV, which is open now through October.  

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🥙 brooklyn nights 
Are you hoping to complete a summer Tour De Night Market?! Next week is your chance to catch the Brooklyn Night Market at Industry City July 31

🎶 backstreet is way back, all right?!
As me and my therapist both know, I have issues around examining my own age (example: I recently referenced being 30-years old as too young to have children). One of my recommended therapies is to attend Party Like It’s 1999: Holy Shit, That Song is 25! at The Bell House August 5 and process that there are fully grown adults out in the world who were born when all of these songs came out. 

🎭 eisenhower won’t be there but 
OG Pippin and Hell’s Kitchen bike enthusiast John Rubinstein currently stars in Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground  at the Theatre at St Clements  — cycle over to the July 31 performance for a talkback event featuring playwright Richard Hellesen and director Peter Ellenstein! 

🎞️ like a rolling stone
I think I’m way too square to be a groupie, but it’s fun to live out the fantasy by watching Almost Famous, screening at the Midtown Rooftop Cinema July 31

…for when you need to secure those hot tickets before they sell out!!!

🎨 break out of the mold
It’s an inconvenient truth that pottery wheels generally don’t fit in New York City apartments. Luckily, there’s the Funky Play with Clay workshop  August 17 at the Museum of Arts and Design, where you can sculpt your own “humorous” piece using their wheel! As a kind of crappy artist, I think my sculpture would be unintentionally humorous! 

🎶 it just takes some time!!!
Is there anything more joyful than jumping up and down screaming the lyrics to The Middle?! You can time travel to the pop-rock golden days of 2001 when Jimmy Eat World plays Summerstage Central Park August 23!

🎤 a+ discussion
It’s no secret that America’s educational culture burns kids out far before they graduate (see: me weeping about getting a “B” on a test in like 1997 while my parents repeatedly shouted “It’s OK!!!” lol maybe I had other problems). Anyway! See legendary journalist Katie Couric in conversation with author Jennifer Wallace on her book covering the crisis, Never Enough, September 14 at the 92nd Street Y.

🔥 Hot tip 

Maybe you’ve noticed that menu prices have um, gotten a bit steep? After you’ve cried into your $25 martini, take the opportunity to dine out in style without breaking the bank (too much) at Restaurant Week now through August 20! 

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
Phish is playing Madison Square Garden July 28-30

The Intrepid Museum is screening Crimson Tide July 28

Dance the night away at MoMa PS1’s Warm Up July 28

A sample sale featuring discounted items from Gucci, Stella, Bottega, Moschino, Givenchy, Lanvin, Versace, Ferragamo, Versus and Missoni runs now through July 30

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