Good morning and happy Tuesday. Enjoy the sunshine and the mid-80s temperatures today, as we’re heading into the 90s for the rest of the week. It will be humid throughout the day with a chance of rain this evening. It sounds just like a New York summer…

Here’s one way to cool off a little… The Circle Line is once again hosting their annual Pawsitively Perfect Pup Cruise this Saturday, much to the delight of Hell’s Kitchen dog owners. Read more…

Pup Cruise Circle Line

Jim Caruso’s Cast Party celebrated its 20th anniversary at Birdland last night — and W42ST was there to record the evening. Read more…

Jim Caruso Cast Party Birdland with Julie Benko

What we’ve been reading

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As the clampdown on Airbnb continues in New York, landlords register to stop illegal rentals. (Gothamist)

Is the New York commute getting easier as more folks work from home? (New York Times💰)

New tech that scans police videos helped to get a multi-million dollar settlement for George Floyd protestors in NYC. (Wired💰)

Check out which bits of the city could be underwater by 2050. (PIX11)

There’s a new Instant Noodle Factory eatery where you are the worker responsible for preparing your own meal. (Eater)

Freeze Frame

Remonstrance Headline

Our story “New Congestion Cameras Get Drivers Remonstrating, HK Activists Celebrating and NJ Litigating” predictably caused conflict in the comments section, but also confusion around the headline. “What does ‘remonstrating’ mean?” was the question from our American W42ST readers.

Sorry — my bad. It’s a relatively common word in British English — and to justify my choice of word, I headed off to Google to check its last usage in a headline in the New York Times. It appears it was in the mid-1800s as Remonstrance. Further research discovered the “Flushing Remonstrance” produced in New York in 1657 and billed as “The Religious Magna Carta of the New World.” OK, that’s enough of that rabbit hole — please remonstrate with me if I use the word again.

Happy birthday to Shannon Romano and Carol Petry Matzenbacher.