Good morning and happy HOT Thursday. That’s right, it’s mid-November and we might get to nearly SEVENTY degrees this afternoon.

In more seasonal news… We took a trip over to Fifth Avenue last night for the Grand Opening of the holiday lights at the Pulitzer Fountain in front of The Plaza Hotel. Check out our video and pics of the oversized lit toys along the sidewalks. It’s a great time to go before the tourists arrive. Bright lights here…

At the height of the pandemic, the Homeless Services chief Steve Banks came under enormous pressure. Now the big question is whether the new Mayor Eric Adams will keep him on from 2022. Read more…


What we’ve been reading

Tips on getting an absentee landlord to fix things. (Brick Underground)

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Can Port Authority be transformed into a “civic destination” like Grand Central Terminal? (Streetsblog)

The Edition Hotel in Times Square is going to be auctioned. (Crain’s)

“One of the last, best bargains in New York” — great to see Astro’s Dog Run featuring here. (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

The newsletter is a little earlier this morning, as we’re off for an behind the scenes tour of the Power Station at Berklee NYC. The recording studio boss Stephen Webber is taking us around after we missed the grand opening a couple of weeks ago. We’re following in the footsteps of Sting who seemed to like the mural honoring artists who recorded at the historic studio that has been created by Hell’s Kitchen artist Mikel Glass.

“Wow, I’m right in the middle; look at those neck muscles!” said Sting, reported Webber to said that it “was great to have the Police man back at the Station.”