Good morning and happy Thursday. We’re looking at temperatures around 75 degrees this afternoon — which is 10-15 degrees higher than normal for this time of year!

Don’t worry, you will soon be feeling the chill — especially if you want to continue outdoor dining this fall and winter. New York has confirmed that propane heaters will be banned at restaurants. “Wow! We probably don’t have enough spare electricity to add electric heaters. We have 400 amps in our restaurant and most of it is already used. The rules change every day. I believe it’s going to be an extremely difficult winter for restaurants,” said Steve Olsen from West Bank Cafe on hearing the news. More here…

Over 200 readers have offered us their views on outdoor dining. If you’ve not already taken part, please take our survey and tell us what you think. We will be reporting on this tomorrow.

Here’s a milestone for post-pandemic nightlife in New York: Manhattan’s newest nightclub, Nebula, will be bringing the beats to 135 W41st Street from Friday, November 5. The sprawling 11,000 square foot club, which cost $12 million, is also the largest to open in Manhattan so far this year. Details here…


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Freeze Frame

A full moon rose behind The Edge last night as Hudson Yards closed a deal with investment firm KKR for a majority stake in the vertigo-inducing observation deck. Related Companies must be over the moon, if you will, as the 1,100-foot-tall deck (well, 75% of it) sold for the sky-high sum of $508.5 million. Details here…

Happy birthday to Thomas Hutchings!