Wishing you a happy hot chocolate Tuesday! Today we are bringing you good news from the UK. Research at the University of Birmingham reveals that drinking hot chocolate increases your ability to perform cognitive tasks! Yippee…

George Georgiou has taken on the onerous task of heading around the neighborhood to sample some of the best hot chocolate in Hell’s Kitchen. Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites.


An unforgettable holiday tradition is back! Shop and dine under the stars this season at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Watch the stars light up to the beat of holiday music, daily starting at 4PM.

Thanks for your help last week about how to tip delivery workers in a snowstorm. This week, we want to hear your advice on tipping building staff. There is such a wide range of options, from walkups with a super to buildings with over a thousand units — and legions of staff to support. How much more should you give for the amazing service during the pandemic? Do you do one big tip for the management to distribute, or hand out personal cards and cash? My personal dilemma — we just moved in a month ago.

Please send me your thoughts — and I will compile them into a list for tomorrow. Hit reply…

Tip Jar. Photo Sam Dan Truong/Unsplash

What we’ve been reading…

Lessons learned after cyclists were frozen out in the recent snowfall. (Streetsblog)

He’s been drawing New York for years, now John Donoghue’s project has a new focus. (Robb Report)

For the first time, Alvin Ailey’s winter season, normally comprising a month of shows at New York City Center, is online and free. (New York Times)

Midtown in the mire – “just like in Game of Thrones, winter is coming and it is getting dark.” (W42ST)

For lovers of soccer and New York — a 23-year-old Diego Maradona wanders the streets of the city in 1984. (Twitter)

Freeze Frame

2021 is here!! Well, at least the sign has arrived in Times Square. It will be at street level for a few days before being hoisted up for the #balldrop