Good morning and happy Wednesday. We got distracted writing the newsletter this morning by the arrival of some very large ships and the buzzing of helicopters on the Hudson. More of that later…

Google Street View’s 15th birthday prompted us to take our own trip down memory lane (or at least Hell’s Kitchen’s streets and avenues). It’s amazing how things have changed (although our research proved that 9th Avenue construction has been going on forever). Travel back in time…

Hess Gas Station 10th Avenue Target Google Street View


Where does our delicious NYC water come from? We track the 125-mile journey and the history of water tunnel upgrades initially authorized in 1954 and still ongoing (and yes, that’s part of what’s currently happening on 9th Avenue!). Read more…

Bonticou Tunnel NYC Water 1910

What we’ve been reading

The demise of the New York payphone is not complete… (Hell Gate)

State of Emergency called in NY over baby formula shortage. (Gothamist)

So here’s what’s been happening with buses in San Francisco — imagine this in NYC! (KPIX SF)

Is there anyone on the Facebook helpline? The answer is no… (WSJ)

Has Long Island’s North Fork become “Hamptons 2.0”? (New York Post)

Freeze Frame

USS Bataan Intrepid Museum Fleet Week 2022

We saw many ships come sailing into our West Side docks this morning. The Parade of Ships started early today. This is USS Bataan arriving at Pier 88 next to the Intrepid Museum. Read more about Fleet Week 2022…

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