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Good morning and happy Tuesday. Remember yesterday? Well, today’s going to be pretty much the same. Clear blue skies and freezing cold… and as for tonight, it’s in the 20s! Yikes…

Sarah and Naty took a tour of 410 W46th Street yesterday. You will remember the building (and 412 next door) from a press conference back in March about “deplorable conditions”. As winter moves in, there has been no improvement for the residents. Read more…

John Marc 410 W46th St


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In more warming news… A new, tiny cafe is bringing the combined taste of Portugal and Mozambique to Hell’s Kitchen. Cantinho do Aziz‘s cuisine is already a beloved fixture in Lisbon and in Britain, where its sister restaurant in the northern English city of Leeds is critically acclaimed. Now, they’re bringing sweet and savory pastries to the West Side. Read more…

Cantinho do Aziz Brings Mozambique-Portuguese Fusion to 9th Avenue

What we’ve been reading

16,000 bad drivers have been caught repeatedly flouting city traffic laws — barely 1,000 of them have taken a mandated safety course. (New York Post)

Some homeless New Yorkers say they would rather live on the streets than stay in a city shelter. (Gothamist)

Office owners in New York face tough times as interest rates rise. (FT)

This report on poverty rates in New York does not make for good reading. (NY State Comptroller)

With all of his worldly belongings hanging off his bike’s handlebars, Ethan Schneider is pushing the boundaries of the minimalist lifestyle. (Cycling Tips)

Freeze Frame

Christopher Conkling Shadows Seagulls

Thanks to W42ST reader Christopher Conkling for sending us this late afternoon picture from Pier 84 of “a gentleman throwing feed up to the waiting seagulls.” That end-of-day light sure is pretty!

Happy birthday to Joe O’Brien and Dan Ruth.