Good morning. It’s voting day in the New York City primaries. There’s light at the end of this political tunnel (and we’ve already received one invitation for a post-polling party at a local bar tonight).

We’ve spoken to the 6 local council candidates during the election — and said thank you to each one for stepping up to the plate. It’s a cause for celebration that we have neighbors who are so community-minded.

Yesterday, we talked to residents frustrated at New York City’s top-down, bureaucratic mishandling of the renaming of the city’s parks. Last week, NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver wiped out the name Hell’s Kitchen from Hell’s Kitchen Park “which is his privilege and ability per the City Charter” (according to the Commissioner’s office).

The name change to Lorraine Hansberry Park has already been made on Google Maps — and the sign will be replaced by the end of summer. “Would Lorraine Hansberry want her name to replace a name which celebrates the identity of a neighborhood, a community family of immigrants and artists and exiles seeking a better life?” said JD Noland. It’s a big NO from the neighborhood…

Back in 2016, the Port Authority tried to push through a plan for a new bus terminal that would have bulldozed significant parts of Hell’s Kitchen (areas that will hopefully soon become a historic district, Paddy’s Market). The proposal to build west of the current site was dropped after vehement objections from the local community.

Five years on and the busiest (and probably most hated) bus terminal in the country is finally getting that makeover. But first, you’ll have a chance to weigh in on the redevelopment plans. The Port Authority Bus Terminal Replacement Project is holding four virtual public meetings on June 23 and 24, while continuing to collect comments online. More details here…

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Freeze Frame

Cheers to Joe for taking part in creating our Best Hell’s Kitchen Happy Hour list. He was the sweepstake winner. Thanks to Jeremy Kaplan at Veritas Studio Wines for providing the bottle. “A magnum of rosé – perfect for summer. Here, 100% Pinot Noir fruit from Germany from Weingut Josef Leitz will surely squash his thirst,” said Jeremy.

What should be our next list? We’re thinking brunch or ice cream… Hit reply!

Happy Birthday to John Picard.