Happy Monday. Phew, it was so hot this weekend. Today we’re starting the cooldown. So expect showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. The good news is that on Tuesday and Wednesday we will have two days without humidity!

It was feeling like triple-digits on the West Side this weekend. We took a walk on the hottest afternoon to see how Hell’s Kitchen was keeping cool in the Sunday heatwave. Check out our photo essay…

Hell's Kitchen Heatwave Sanitation Trash


Success Academy Charter Schools invite W42ST readers to a family-friendly art lab at the Rubin Museum of Art. Register today…

Tatiana Gallardo recently moved back to New York. It coincided with her deciding to take a break from drinking. She illustrated the story of her sober return to the city and said that she discovered that the Big Apple is “actually BETTER without booze.” Read more…

Tatiana Gallardo Sober New York

What we’ve been reading

The crackdown on illegal dirt bikes is hitting delivery workers too. (Documented)

New Yorkers are getting bills for COVID tests taken on the street last year. (Gothamist)

First, we had a boat named “Stimulus Money” now there’s a car with the vanity plate “PPP Loan”. (New York Daily News)

Hudson Yards and Times Square are options for New York’s planned casinos. (New York Post)

Trader Joe’s is starting delivery — but it’s just on the UWS for now. (I Love The UWS)

Freeze Frame

Pedicab Sleep

Thanks to @francyclissimo for this photo of a pedicab driver taking a break on 10th Avenue early this morning.

Happy birthday to Carol Petry Matzenbacher and Sally Mackness.