Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. We’re going to get a few hours of snow this afternoon, but the rest of the week looks like we will be cresting a sweltering 50 degrees at times. Woot woot!

Photographer Tom Zuback started to see love appear on 9th Avenue, in the form of hearts and messages like: “You will be OK. Storms don’t last forever”, “This is tough but so are you”, and “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”

He sent W42ST a message saying “Do you know who is behind these well planned and carefully crafted, time consuming, put together signs on Ninth Ave?” Here’s the answer…

We love answering questions — and asking questions. It’s not too late to email george@w42st.com if you’ve got memories of Jezebel.

We shouldn’t have been too surprised by the reaction to our story on Century 21’s comeback. It’s our most commented story on the website (ever)! This NY1 video of a C21 superfan leaves you in no doubt about the obsession with the discount store…

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Freeze Frame

If chocolate is your thing — or the favorite of a friend with a birthday coming up — then Huascar & Co has got the right sh*t for you! This made us smile💩😀 Their shop on W54th Street between 9/10th also does a great hot chocolate for a snowy afternoon!