Good morning and Happy Thursday. The weather is looking pretty much like yesterday — be ready for gusts of wind if you are near the river and a high of 56 degrees. Looks like we are going to have sun until Monday! Yayyyy…

Harry’s Table at Waterline Square — Cipriani’s hotly-anticipated artisanal Italian market that was first slated to open in 2019 — is finally set to welcome guests next month. Flagship Bellini restaurant will open first, hosting the tenants of the luxury residences in the square for the first time at the end of this week. Read more…

Bellini Harry's Place Waterline Square

Book banning efforts are at their highest in 20 years, but while the federal government seems to have reacted with a collective shrug, the New York Public Library (NYPL) has swept in to save free speech through its “Books For All” program. Read more…

Columbus Branch New York Public Library

What we’ve been reading

New York State’s midterm elections are in doubt after courts say boundary changes violated the Constitution. (New York Times)

Tackling fare evasion is the latest tactic in subway crime crackdown. (New York Post)

New York is setting up specialist long COVID centers. (NBC)

Activists are keeping a close eye on New York’s fledgling Neighborhood Safety Teams. (Bolts Magazine)

Now that CNN+ has departed Hudson Yards, merch bearing its logo is being snapped up by collectors. (NPR)

Freeze Frame

NYPD Bike Training

Our photoshoot on the West Side bike path was interrupted yesterday by NYPD out on a training ride. These peletons are typically two sergeants and 16 trainee cops — and there are 250 cops who get drafted into the Strategic Response Group Bicycle Squad when needed. Who knew…?

Happy birthday to Brenda Hutchings.