Happy Happy Inauguration Day! Doesn’t it feel good just saying that?

Eight years ago, I was fortunate to be at President Obama’s second inauguration as a photo editor. I sat on the floor of the press stand and the little picture that I grabbed through the legs and heads on that gantry recorded a remarkable day. I’m glad to say Hell’s Kitchen will be represented by Jeenah Moon this time. Take great pics, Jeenah!

Back in the neighborhood, Andrew Yang is working from home after having to quarantine when a colleague tested positive for COVID.

Today we are telling the tale of the Windermere on the corner of W57th Street and 9th Avenue. The building was described by the New York Times as “an unsung architectural heirloom shrouded in disarray”. It’s coming back to life after a history that includes having Steve McQueen as a resident (he left skipping the rent) and building managers being sent to jail for issuing death threats and cement blocking apartment doors with residents’ belongings inside. Read on…

What we’ve been reading

Joe Biden’s Peloton is deemed “a security risk”. (Popular Mechanic)

Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza’s 11th Avenue apartment block facade is being installed. (New York Yimby)

There will be no MTA fare increase for the time being. (New York Times)

NYC looks set to run out of vaccines by Friday… (NY1)

Bottling up frustration and stress? Here’s a way to vent your feelings! (Eyewitness News)

Freeze Frame

Did you see the lights of the city’s landmarks (including Intrepid Museum above) turn red and amber last night as we remembered the 400,000 Americans who have died from COVID? Hopefully, we are in the final act of this pandemic tragedy.