Happy Cinco de Mayo! We hope you will have a day filled with tacos, guac and margaritas!

Talking of which… Thank you to all the readers who submitted their nominations for Hell’s Kitchen’s best margaritas. You gave us a colorful selection of the best tastes (and looks) in the neighborhood. Check them out…

New York City is poised to lift most COVID-19 restrictions in just two short weeks, returning the city to the closest version of itself we’ve experienced since March 2020. But many New Yorkers are left feeling as bewildered by this rapid “return to normal” as they were last spring when the restrictions were first imposed and the shutdown turned our city on its head. We surveyed W42ST readers to get a better sense of how you feel about this “new normal” (a big thank you to the 132 who responded!) and the results were revealing.

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Visitors to El Centro will get a Cinco de Mayo surprise today. Artist DISTORT has created a new mural — you will know his work from the “Day of the Dead” mural at ‘ritas down 9th Avenue. Thanks to Maren for giving us a sneak peek — and adjusting the lighting just right!