Good morning. The first headline in our news feed this morning was “Sunny, breezy Monday kicks off mostly gorgeous week” — thanks PIX11. That’s a nice way to wake up…

Hell’s Kitchen’s Sophie Gerber celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday — and she let the world in on her secret: “Don’t let a day go by without laughing at something.” More here, including a fabulous video of a reunion with her son, Joe, and her dance moves…


It’s so nice to bring news about a new place to eat. Check out Mikey Pomodoro — just arrived in Hell’s Kitchen to serve elevated comfort food which they describe as “if your favorite Italian restaurant slept with a Shake Shack.” Find out more about this lunchtime pop-up on 9th Avenue.

Thank you for letting me into your inbox each morning — and to those that take the time to send messages to keep me updated on the neighborhood. Over the weekend, Frank told me about his “Who locks up ice cream!?” moment at CVS and Rodney told us about how staff at Mee Noodle Shop were clearing up after their outdoor dining area was filled with graffiti.

Many of you will have seen this front page story in the New York Post. We decided not to post the article on our social media channels as we felt it offers no solution — just more worry. I’m sharing it here, because I know our newsletter readers are committed advocates for our neighborhood. I would like to hear your considered views, so that we can use whatever influence our small media organization has to effect change. Please hit reply.

What we’ve been reading

Agreement has been reached on a voluntary safety zone for ferries on the Hudson River. (The Village Sun)

Hotel H is taking (a strange) shape over Bryant Park. (The Real Deal)

A poll finds New Yorkers are split on the future of the city. (NY1)

Smile at this studio apartment idea where your bed rises to the ceiling. (Gothamist)

New York, New York, New York — four decades reviewed. (The Guardian)

Freeze Frame

We’re following Neil Hershman’s progress on his quest to climb Everest. You may remember we featured Neil opening up a location for his 16 Handles fro-yo in Times Square just before he left for his Himalayan adventure. You can follow along too at @neil.hershman — he’s just arrived at basecamp and this is a pic of a Puja Ceremony where the climbers pray to the Nepalese mountain gods for safe passage.