Happy Wednesday. We are in for a few days of lovely weather. Go out and enjoy, but in the evenings you might want to take a sweater. Overnight temperatures by Friday will be dipping down to the mid-50s!

The City Council is dragging its paws on a bill that would ban the sale of guinea pigs, as local shelters have been inundated with the four-legged pets in the pandemic. Read more…

Guinea Pigs


What’s the buzz? The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is working its way through the five boroughs in its yearly late-summer pesticide spraying campaign, coming to the West Side this Thursday. Read more…

Mosquito Spray

What we’ve been reading

All aboard these historic New York subway cars this weekend. (TimeOut)

City rejects $6m bid to save the Central Park Boathouse. (New York Post)

Cute lunchboxes are not pulling NY Times journalists back to the office… (Crain’s)

When the Prince of Wales visited New York in the 19th century. (Ephemeral New York)

Take 40 seconds to watch this mesmerizing timelapse of cumulus clouds over Manhattan yesterday. (Nicholas Isabella)

Freeze Frame

Rick Campanella

Congratulations to Rick Campanella and his wife Laura on their marriage. Many readers will remember Rick as a W42ST photographer in the early days of the magazine. These days he’s better known as “Mr Soul” breeding cannabis seeds in Colorado.

Happy birthday to Helen Banner.