Thanks for your suggestions on how to keep calm yesterday. They got me and many readers through the first 24 hours.

I had a sociable day, making sure that I had good company. Popped by to have a nice chat with Mandy at Ardesia, a cup of tea with my friend Paul (watching the lovely sunset from his apartment) and a breeze through Times Square to catch up with their Comms Director (and HK resident), TJ.

The evening stress of finding non-pixelated election coverage without cable was interspersed with a healthy helping of the Great British Baking Show.

This little gem popped into our W42ST newsfeed this morning. A visual treasure from the New York Public Library. We love a GIF! Congratulations to NYPL Curator Doug Reside, who has pieced together the negatives from 70s production photography to recreate Broadway shows long forgotten. Magical nostalgia from “Company” — you can view the whole show reconstructed here.

Dan Ruth has been keeping bar around Hell’s Kitchen for decades. His pre-COVID gig was at Mont Blanc 52. You might also have seen his award-winning writing in productions like “A Life Behind Bars” which relays his experiences as a sober bartender. Dan’s taken the opposite tack from me and been living the life of a hermit during the pandemic. He’s written for us about his solitary build-up to the election. “This must have been what it felt like the night before Prohibition began; people knew it was coming.”


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