Good morning and happy Friday. It’s a lovely start to the day — and it will keep on going. There might be a little cloud around sunset. High temperature of 68 degrees.

There’s no need to sacrifice taste for gluten-free dining at Senza Gluten by Jemiko, which has just opened on 10th Ave. Chef Jemiko Solo’s 100% gluten-free kitchen offers Italian favorites like lasagna and ravioli that were once off-limits to celiac diners. Read more…

Chef Jemiko Solo

Lena Grotticelli is a Senior Editor for She has lived in Hell’s Kitchen for over 10 years – and is happy to share some neat hacks for cut-price Broadway tickets. Read Lena’s West Side Story…

Lena Groticelli Times Square

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Earth Day will bring car-free streets this weekend. (NBC)

Freeze Frame

Have you had your picture taken in front of Hektad’s new mural at W47th and 9th yet? Please tag W42ST in your selfies… just like @marah.the.staffybullpit did!

Happy birthday to Rafi Fuentes.