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Maybe you’ve been inspired to try the Konmari Method™. Maybe you’re feeling an end-of-the-year itch to replace everything in sight in your studio apartment. Or maybe you have a few items that you no longer need, but you don’t want them to end up in a landfill. Where should you bring all of your clothing, household items, and furniture to be given a new life in someone else’s home? Go give…

Broadway League President Charlotte St Martin is under fire (even after an apology) about her comments on the role of understudies and swings amid Broadway COVID-19 closures. Read more…


What we’ve been reading

Jasmine’s Caribbean and Three Roosters make critic Ryan Sutton’s 2021 restaurant list. (Eater)

Here’s an update on New York’s legal weed shops. (THE CITY)

Unsurprisingly, Broadway grosses dropped last week. (Broadway News)

CityMD is facing staffing challenges as COVID surges in New York. (SBS)

The Manhattan newsstand making international headlines. (BBC)

Freeze Frame

Kevin Lustik spends his days rushing to meet tight deadlines at a large New York law firm. When he gets home he slows down with needlework. “I love the repetition of this work. Pull the needle up through the canvas, then back down through the canvas, up then down, up then down. It’s soothing. I also decided to add materials other than yarn and thread, such as beads, buttons, needles, and my favorite element, wit,” he says. Now his work is being exhibited at Port Authority until the end of January 2022. Here’s Kevin’s West Side Story…

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