Good morning and happy Wednesday. Today will be a typical spring day with sunny skies and a high of 54 degrees. But don’t let that fool you, a cold front creeps in overnight and tomorrow morning we will wake to a temperature of 29 degrees! Layer up…

It may no longer overflow with fabric shops and specialty costume warehouses, but the Garment District is still the go-to for editorial and theatrical artists seeking businesses with centuries of expertise. As conversations around rezoning the historic neighborhood to accommodate fewer offices and more housing gain steam, the Garment District’s surviving businesses say that it’s time for them to be sewn permanently into the fabric of the area’s real estate. Read more…

Katie CEO of Wing and Weft Gloves


Discover the top picks of Hell’s Kitchen through the eyes of Zach Aaronson, a self-proclaimed Beyoncé superfan, The Color Purple enthusiast and an avid award show follower. Read Zach’s West Side Story…

Zach Aaronson

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The city’s newest migrant shelter will be in offices next to Madame Tussauds on W42nd Street. (WSJ)

A 90-minute sitting limit at Grand Central Madison could be enforced with a $50 fine. (amNY)

Cops’ illegal parking is in the spotlight again. (Intelligencer💰)

Twin morticians are retiring after 23 years of service to New York. (THE CITY)

Early spring blooms in NYC are presenting a few problems… (TimeOut)

Freeze Frame

Cops Extras Elsbeth

We were surprised to find a bunch of friendly cops getting dressed on W58th Street yesterday. They were extras getting ready to film a pilot of Robert and Michelle King’s Elsbeth starring Wendell Pierce, Carra Patterson and Carrie Preston — a police procedural spinoff of The Good Wife.

Happy birthday to Megan Eiss and Laura Lutterbie.