Good morning and happy Thursday. The weather for the next two days will be wet and weird. We start the day with showers — and later this evening we will be hit with heavy wind and rain. Meanwhile, the overnight temperature will gradually increase to 54 degrees by 4am! At least you won’t feel any winter chill!

A community board hearing around a potential new mega-nightclub on 11th Avenue has revealed a schism over the direction of the far-west side of Hell’s Kitchen. Read more…

View from The West of 11th Avenue and proposed nightclub with roof

The former home of legendary Times Square comedy club Carolines — which recently closed its flagship Midtown venue after 30 years — is taking on a new spin. The space is set to become the newest outpost of a popular ping-pong social club started by Susan Sarandon. Read more…

carolines ping pong

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Freeze Frame

Renee Lutz Stanley Bath Tub 9th

Thanks to Renee Lutz Stanley for spotting this bit of Hell’s Kitchen history. “This exquisite little long-legged tub was being thrown out on 9th Avenue. How I wish I’d been able to carry it home! Probably a vestige from the time when the bathtub was in the kitchen and the toilet was in the hall. I so hope someone saved it!” she said on Instagram.

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