Happy Monday. We’re ready to hit 75 degrees this afternoon, there was a news alert as I woke up that Pfizer is seeing 90% effectiveness in early vaccine trials, and Hellcat Annie’s is reopening this week (Happy Birthday, Pat!). It’s going to be a great week…

We’ve been sneaking behind the scenes of “The Second Wave”. Don’t worry, The Second Wave is a six-episode pandemic-themed drama from The Good Fight and Evil creators Robert and Michelle King that’s being filmed on W51st Street this month. Keep an eye out in the neighborhood for Audra McDonald, Orange Is the New Black actor Taylor Schilling and Steven Pasquale (who you’ll have spotted most recently in The Comey Rule).

It’s being filmed in a $9m townhouse which must be a production team’s dream. There is an elevator in the building for their heavy equipment, the property has its own generator, it has a “gastropub”, and there are balconies that allow for diverse angles – just like the best studio setups. And if there is a real second wave, what better location to be holed up for a few weeks! Take a look…

What we’ve been reading

They’re putting plans in place to keep the city’s well-ventilated public school classrooms snug for pupils and staff this winter. (Gothamist)

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Yes! You can go skating at Rockefeller Center this year – but the season is a short one. (New York Times)

Planning to volunteer or donate over the upcoming holiday season? Here’s a useful roundup of where to do it. (6sqft)

It’s a great time to look up and admire the sky at night… (Thrillist)


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