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Good morning and happy Monday. We’re going to have to sweat our way through to the middle of the week. Humidity is high and showers are likely for the next couple of days — but then it gets nice. Roll on Wednesday…

If you are looking for something to do indoors, then a trip to the liquidation sale at the Hudson Hotel is a recommendation. You can find anything from a $.50 cent spoon to a $300,000 chandelier — and absorb some New York nostalgia while you are there. Read more…

Hudson Hotel Liquidation Sale 3586


Success Academy Advert

Success Academy Charter Schools scholars build confidence and learn critical thinking. It’s not too late to apply…

If you are looking for somewhere to hang the chandelier you just bought, then look no further than Waterline Square. There’s a $27 million penthouse apartment on the market that could fit the bill. Read more…

Penthouse One Waterline Square

What we’ve been reading

It’s not just New York that has waiting lists for rentals — check out this Swedish story. (The Real Deal)

Here’s a gallery of street style around New York Fashion Week. (Harper’s Bazaar)

A West Village block association has hired private security to patrol the streets. (New York Post)

NYC Ferry prices rise to $4 today. (NY1)

Trying your luck in NYC — could you last more than two hours! (New Yorker)

Freeze Frame

Hell's Kitchen sky

Thanks to Lisa DeSimone for sending in this photo from the weekend. “Asked my hubby, who grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, to take a picture of tonight’s phenomenal sky‼️ We live 2 blocks from where he grew up,” she said.

Happy birthday to Kiara Clark, Chris Motta, Livvie Goble and Davy Mack.